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Our tattoo studio is a place where tattooing becomes art and your ideas come to life. We have gathered professional artists with many years of experience in tattooing in our tattoo studio.

  • Get a tattoo

    A personal consultation will help you choose a specialist to suit your request, immediately determine what can be done and what cannot be done, what technical, stylistic and organizational nuances there are.

  • Overlap

    Covering a tattoo involves applying a new image on top of the old one . This is a complex procedure that only a professional master with many years of experience can do.

  • Gift certificates

    Please your loved ones with a gift certificate for a tattoo. Conditions and method of purchasing a gift The certificate can be checked on Instagram .

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How long does it take to get a tattoo?

The duration of the session is influenced by many different factors: starting from such little things as whether you got enough sleep before the session or came to get a tattoo hungry or well-fed. For example, the same master can complete the same sketch in the same place for 3 hours for one client, and 4 for another.

In general, of course, everything depends, first of all, on:

  • size;
  • detail and style of the tattoo sketch;
  • places of application.

Of course, each master will be able to give you an approximate range of times and prices for preliminary work during a free consultation.

How to choose a tattoo idea?

First of all, you need to understand what you like: if you have images/pictures/verbal descriptions of what you like, this will help in further work. Just collect everything into one big folder or gallery.

Next, it is important to consult with a tattoo artist on where it is best to get a tattoo. It often happens that ideas, desires, and the technical ability to get a tattoo do not coincide, so don’t be shy and ask any questions you have.

And be sure to sign up for a free consultation!

Why is a cover tattoo a separate type of tattoo?

To successfully cover up a tattoo, it is important not only to be able to make beautiful sketches and high-quality tattoos, but also to correctly adapt the new sketch with the old work. It is important to be able to combine incompatible things and, ideally, to use as much of the old tattoo’s resource as possible for a new one. For a successful and high-quality overlap, it is better to do not what you want, but what “works” better. This does not mean that you should completely abandon your idea, although this happens, but that it is better to leave space for the master’s imagination and other elements that can well cover the old work.

Is it possible to cover up a fresh tattoo?

No, you cannot cover up a fresh tattoo and you should not even try to do so. The best thing you can do to avoid harming yourself and your body is to let your fresh tattoo heal and then think about covering up or removing the tattoo.

Is it possible to cover up a black tattoo?

Unfortunately no. A tattoo is not oil or acrylic paints that you can cover over and over again without leaving a trace. If you have already reached the stage of covering up a black tattoo, then you need to think not about a sketch for a “cover-up” tattoo (covering up a tattoo), but about a laser session and tattoo removal.

Is it possible to cover up a colored tattoo?

Yes, you can. But it all depends on how dark the tattoo you want to cover up is. If the colors used are relatively light or medium in tone, this is usually not a problem and your chances of a successful overlay increase. But as in all other cases, a lot depends on what sketches for covering the tattoo you and the artist are considering.

Is it possible to cover up a tattoo to match your skin color?

It's possible, but the chances of success are very low. Firstly, this is only possible with very small and light tattoos. Secondly, tattoo pigment, like skin, tends to slightly change shade over time. Therefore, when choosing the shade of pigment to match the skin color on the day of the session, it is worth remembering this and taking into account the fact that they will not be the same 365 days a year.

We do not recommend using this option. It is better to cover the old tattoo with a new one or try to remove it.